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Rose Fantome - Eau de Parfum

Rose Fantome - Eau de Parfum

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The scent of ruptured longing, refoulé into the mossy ground and captured by the abandoned rose.

Inspired by the Cimetière du Père Lachaise in Paris and its moss-covered stone and porcelain grave adornments, Rose Fantôme breathes not the fresh blooming rose but the one that has been cut, left and forgotten. Now one with its surroundings, it blends with the scents of dried grass and lichen, hay, and dirt.

An earthy and agrestic floral, a specter of its original softness still remains.

8ml roller

FEATURED NOTES: porcelain roses · immortelle · dried hay · graveyard soil · cepes · oakmoss · oakwood

Aspects: earthy · agrestic · sophisticated floral


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