• Pesky Dark Spots?

    Now is the season to work on fading facial dark spots. Tahnyc Niacinamiaides is the answer. There is one for YOU.

    Tahnyc Skincare - Full actives, no fillers.

    Fade Those Spots 
  • When Makeup Is As Easy as Finger Painting

    A spectrum of bold, versatile multi-use shades that can be worn on any part of the face. Cheeks, lips and safe for eyes. Rituel de Filles' luxurious, richly pigmented Inner Glow Crème Pigments can be applied with fingers or brushes.

    Wear it Sheer or Bold 
  • Dark Eye Circles and Puffiness? Use this.

    Multi-peptides & tightening agents help decrease the look of puffiness, dark circles & under eye bags that frequently plague the eye area. Dermelect's Revitalite Professional is gluten/cruelty-free and vegan.

    5 in 1 Eyelid & Dark Circle Corrector 
  • Tools of the Trade

    Many of our makeup items can be applied with fingers, sometimes you just need more precision. From beginners to artist, our bamboo handle brushes with soft, synthetic brush bristles make blended and layering dreamy even on sensitive skin.

    Vegan Artist Brush Sets 
  • Seasonal Skin Changes?

    When seasonal changes got your skin acting up, just a few drops a day of Athara Pure's Pure Neem Healing Oil is what you need. It provides anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory care for all skin types.

    Calmer Skin This Way 

    Everything you need to dress your brows. Gels, pencils and powders in perfect hues and DIY brow lamination

    Your Best Brows EVER