Collection: I Love My Muff

Our external intimate areas consist of one of the most delicate ecosystems on our body; therefore the vulva, deserves gentle, purposeful products that help soothe, refresh and rinse away excess vaginal discharge without disrupting our natural internal pH or wash away any beneficial bacteria. 

The vagina is the internal area and it has a pH of 3.5 and we naturally produce discharge as a completely normal housekeeping function. No soaps, body washes, or douches should ever be used inside your vagina (or vaginal canal).

Externally we have the vulva, outer labia, and inner labia and our vaginal discharge ends up being deposited in these areas and that's what Muff stuff is for, to help cleanse, refresh and moisturise the delicate skin of our external intimate areas. 

Whether you’re bare or rocking some hair down-there, I Love My Muff's straightforward, high-quality vulva-loving intimate care products have you covered from front to back!