Collection: 5 Minute Makeup Fix

Fab n' Fresh Makeup Idea in under 5 minutes

Five easy steps that create a makeup style that works anywhere and anytime

  1. Complexion: Start with CCC Cream for a glowing complexion + daily SPF apply with fingers
  2. Cheeks: Add colour to cheeks with your choice of shades from the Multi-Use Cream Lip & Cheek palettes (each shade can be used solo or layered/blended for new custom shades)
  3. Lips: Keep them healthy with any colour you love of the Lip Serums (also can use the above cheek shades for a base colour before Lip Serums)
  4. Eyes: Keeping it simple with a couple of coats of either theBalms formulas
  5. Set It: Once finished you want it to last so finish with a few spritzes of Skindinavia pro artist setting mists