Collection: EyebrowQueen

"Brows have always been my (Nilam Holmes) passion and I wanted to create products that would solve every brow dilemma for everyone; luxury products with an affordable price tag that can maintain that ‘styled’ brow look every day. I have worked alongside renowned make-up artists all over the world, learning the common brow frustrations and the tools that are required to create the perfect brow.

I’ve spent 3 years developing and creating the perfect product formulas and designs. I wanted to create products that perform; products that last on the skin without the risk of smudging; long lasting, long wearing and most importantly easy to use.

Listening to my clients and their frustrations in not being able to recreate their brows at home, the EyebrowQueen products and tools have been designed with multiple uses in mind.
Nilam Holmes ~ Creator & Founder