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Wild Return Botanical Apothecary

Focus Pocus - Cognitive Tincture

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"Our mission is to provide the highest quality, plant-sourced medicine for vibrant health and a deeper spiritual connection. Our vision is to provide self-care that looks at the whole of the person, plant, and cosmos to create a system that is empowering and transformational."


This stimulating cognitive tincture brings more circulation to the brain for elevated thinking. It facilitates memory and mental focus; getting you into a productive state of flow, and unlocking a new level of genius. Use it as a tool to move forward with a clear mind and a strong vision.

Chakra: Crown
Name: Sahasrara (“thousandfold”)
Planet: Mercury
Tarot: The Hermit, The Magician
Element: Consciousness
Purpose: Understanding
Basic Right: To know and learn
Demon: Attachment
Identity: Universal
Orientation: Self-knowledge
Mantra: I am in a state of flow and open to receive new ideas


+ Enhances brain function
+ Facilitates memory and mental focus
+ Reduces brain fog
+ Increased blood flow to brain
+ Calms the nervous system to reduce anxiety and stress
+ Mindfulness when creating new habits
+ Soothes mental turbulence
+ Balanced Crown Chakra

Wild Return offers plant-based medicinal tinctures, integrating the healing philosophies of Western herbalism, the Eastern chakra system, and the archetypes traditionally found in astrology and tarot. By incorporating the patterns that recur in nature, we take the whole universe, the whole plant, and the whole person into consideration for truly transformative healing. Our approach is intuitive and evidence based. We weave modern science and traditional medicine to create a holistic path to healing and growth. Our passion for integrating health, community, and connection is inspired by witnessing the body’s innate ability to heal when we consciously live in rhythm with the Earth. The energy of our products is inspired by our love for energetic healing. Every tincture is a manifestation of the healing qualities of the chakra it represents, and the design reflects each corresponding element.

We choose ethically sourced plants of the highest quality in all of our tinctures. This means they’re organically grown, preferably through regenerative practices. Otherwise they’re wild harvested in the Pacific Northwest using mindful methods to encourage new growth. Each plant is extracted in certified organic, pharmaceutical grade cane alcohol of the highest standard of purity. Some tinctures have vegetable grade organic glycerine and others have raw, unfiltered honey. All batches are made in ceremony and in prayer to the plants. They are brewed during the new moon and bottled during the full moon to carry the most expansive and magical vibrations.

How To

Suggested Use: 3 dropperfuls daily. Can be added to water, tea, or drink of choice.

Ritual: Take 30 minutes before starting a task that requires concentration. Move intuitively for one minute to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Don’t be afraid to play and go upside down!

*Shake well before use. Lion's Mane likes to settle at the bottom, which is perfectly normal, but you don't want to miss out on its medicinal properties!

*tinctures not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding


Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri), Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus), Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water

Bacopa is well known in Ayurveda for boosting brain function and alleviating stress. It contains active compounds called bacosides which have an antioxidant effect on the brain and reverse signs of memory impairment. Research shows that regular consumption improves memory and attention while enhancing our ability to process and retain visual information. It is also a popular plant for alleviating ADHD symptoms by improving attention, cognition, and impulse control.

Gotu Kola is a popular remedy used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda for its brain boosting powers. It is known as the “herb of longevity” for its ability to enhance memory and nerve function. It increases circulation to the brain to support learning while decreasing neuroinflammation and protecting brain cells from toxicity and stress.

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom prized for its ability to boost mental functioning. It protects against dementia, reduces mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, and helps the nervous system regenerate. In fact, studies have found that lion’s mane can regenerate brain cells and improve the functioning of the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for processing memories and emotional responses. It stimulates the growth of brain cells while preventing neural damage to reduce brain fog and improve focus.